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context-xml is a documentation project to show how to use ConTeXt to format XML. It is meant as a replacement to the java FOP engine, which seems to be incomplete and a dead-end project.

Feature Documented note
description of how to use dimensions no
index of the contents of this web-site no
example files for each category partial
page-layout heigth, width yes
page-layout, margins, top, bottom, left, right yes
page-layout, header and footer yes
page-layout, static content right left no
page-layout, first page yes
page-layout, odd even page yes
page-layout, last page no May not be possible
page-numbers no
paragraph formatting, space before after yes
paragraph formatting, first-line-indent yes
paragraph formatting, block indent yes
paragraph formatting, aligning text left, right, justfied, center yes
paragraph formatting, columns no columns are not directly supported in FO, but are in ConTeXt
paragraph formatting, verbatim text no
orpan and widow control yes Not available with FOP, but available in ConTeXt!
footnotes yes
local footnotes (as in tables) no Don't necessarily need special code for this
margin notes no
lists, space between items, margin space, space before and after heading, space before and after number yes
lines, as in poetry no
table, basic yes
table,multi-paged yes
table, merge cells yes
inline, horizontal space yes
inline, italics, bold, slanted yes
inline, font-size yes
inline, font-family no Definitely availabe, but takes a lot of knowledge and patience
word spacing no
kearning no
superscript, subscript yes
figures yes
floats no
frames no
horizontal lines partial no different types of lines
verbatim text no

Author: Paul Tremblay
email: phthenry [at] {iglou} [dot] com

Last Updated: 2005-05-19

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