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GetFO: Work Plan

TeXML subproject

Under development, to be finished in the end of the March, 2004.

TeX serializator.

Milestone release 0.10

Investigation of JadeTeX and PassiveTeX, implementation of minimal formatting (paragraphs, bold and other small things).


Distribution autobuild, documentation, site.

Milestone release 0.20

Realization of the lists, blockquotes, images (all except tables).

Milestone release 0.30

Experiments with overheight blocks, finding some solution.

Right-to-left etc texts.

Milestone release 0.40

Support of images.

Support of master pages.

Milestone release 0.50

Support of tables.

Milestone release 0.60

Font management, tests of baseline distances etc.

Too far to plan

Many DocBook documents should be processed.

Simple draft experimental diff/patch functionality.


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