Referencing Page Numbers

Getting rid of part numbers

If you have used the part command to create a new run of pages, you will want to get rid of ConTeXt’s feature that automatically generates part numbers. If you don’t disable this feature, you will always get a part number in front of your page number. Most likely, you don’t want this part number, since you can generate your own numbers in XSLT.


In order to reference a page number (such as when producing a table of contents), create an anchor and then point to that anchor. For example, if we want to create a table of contents that list the the page number for each chapter, we first set up the anchor at the chapter.


In order to get the page number to this chapter, use the at command, using the same id as for the chapter.


With XSLT, normally one uses the generate-id() function to create unique ids for each section.

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